Эпизод 101 Дело "Дом мечты"

КОННОР ДОЙЛ: What is really important to you? You house or your family? You’re not in this alone.

Эпизод 101 Дело "Столкновение с НЛО"

АНТОН ХЕНДРИКС: I haven’t seen anything like this since Kurdistan.

Эпизод 103 Дело "Месть"

ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: What’s the matter, Peter? Not a big fan of mysterious slithering serpent?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: No. I don’t like snakes, no.

КОННОР ДОЙЛ: This is LQ Cooper… He’s a zoologist specializing in herpetology.
ЭЛ. КЬЮ. КУПЕР: Snakes… Specifically the study of exotic and poisonous snakes and their behavior patterns.

РЕЙ ДОНАХЬЮ: Just… In twelve years in a homicide I’ve never seen a suicide victim still with a gun in his hand.

РЕЙ ДОНАХЬЮ: Handling an angry crown of civilians… No problem. But mob of angry snakes… It’s out of my league.

Эпизод 103 Дело "Призрачные голоса"

РЕЙ ДОНАХЬЮ: Come on… From one cop to an ex-badge…. Used to work homicide. Chicago.

Эпизод 105 Дело "Свободное падение"

Субъект: Have either of you ever jumped?
Линдсей отрицательно качает головой.
КЕРТИС РОЛЛИНЗ (кивает): Yes.

КЕРТИС РОЛЛИНЗ: It’s 35 foot jump.
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: You wouldn’t get me up there.

Субъект: How long ago was your last jump, doctor?
КЕРТИС РОЛЛИНЗ: Long enough.

Эпизод 106 Дело "Инвазия"

АНТОН ХЕНДРИКС: The forensic team will conduct a full autopsy upon their arrival.
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: This isn’t my specialty, Anton. I don’t know the first thing about forensics.

АНТОН ХЕНДРИКС: I met him at a symposium on the genetic botany in London last year.

ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: My Latin is a bit rusty…

Эпизод 106 Дело "Human Apportation"

Субъект: You’re another shrink?

Эпизод 107 Дело "Скрытый"

Офицер: Are you a parent, professor?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: *молчание*

Эпизод 108 Дело "Два потерянных старика"

АНТОН ХЕНДРИКС: It wasn’t fair when my brother (Jerry) found he had an inoperable cancer last year… You and Jerry are now effectively the same age (70)… Only at most he has two years left.

Эпизод 109 Дело "Клонирование"

ЭЛ. КЬЮ. КУПЕР: I got to admit: I have never done an autopsy on a goldfish before.

Эпизод 110 Дело "Охотник"

ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: I don’t like having to carry weapons. They make me nervous.

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: No offence against Cooper but I’m sure glad to stay up all night with you this time.
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: What’s the matter? Cooper’s starting to drive you crazy?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: The guy… He’s into insects, and fish, and snakes. It’s all he ever talks about.
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: He’s a zoologist. What do you expect? A discussion about quantum chaos mechanics?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: That’ll be nice for a change.

Эпизод 110 Дело "Целитель"

КЛЕР ДЭВИСОН: Hi, my name is Linda.

Эпизод 111 Дело "Проклятие"

КОННОР ДОЙЛ (ОБРАЩАЯСЬ К ДЭВИСОН): Linda, one step at a time.

Эпизод 112 Дело "Дьявольский треугольник"

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: So you’re glad to be back, Connor?
(ОБРАЩАЯСЬ К ДОННЕР): You know Doyle was our resident expert on Bermuda Triangle claims?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Six times I’ve led teams out there, six times we came back with nothing. I don’t expect this time to be any different.

ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: If you try a cup of Peter’s coffee you’ll never have to prove your courage again. … You know I have to ask you. What made you lead six investigations out here?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: … When I was in the Navy I commanded a mine sweeper stationed in Guantanamo Bay. I was out here on operations when we encountered an area of the sea where laws of physics just didn’t apply. We lost navigational control, met something. We stayed on a water once (непонятно). Ship began taking on water, going down. I sounded general quarters, began evacuation. Most of the men gone off the ship. But by the time air-sea rescue found us my first mate and I were still alive.
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: What happen to your men?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Gone. Disappeared. Drowned. Sharks maybe. They never found their bodies or the ship. I filed a report with the Navy that they suppressed.
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: So you want to know what’s out here.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: I just want the truth.

КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Two days of nothing. Why do I feel like I’ve done this before?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Because you have.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: You think I’d learn.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: You’ve seen this phenomenon before, haven’t you?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: It was a long time ago. I didn’t see all that much.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: You lost your crew?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: I don’t know any more about what can happen out here than the rest of us.

Эпизод 113 Дело "Оживший мертвец"

КОННОР ДОЙЛ: So our reported corpse can not only walk. He can also speak.
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: Sounds like some of the men I date.

АНТОН ХЕНДРИКС: I spent some time on Haiti. It was years ago.

Субъект: I don’t like it here (graveyard).
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: I know what you mean. … Just between you and me: I don’t want to be here any more than you do.

КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Who wants to do the honors? (near grave). Sigh…

Эпизод 114 Дело "Запретный север"

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: I haven’t seen one of this since I was in the boy scouts.

ЭЛ. КЬЮ. КУПЕР: I’ve studied these Bigfoot tracks from all over the Pacific North-West. I’ve never seen these before.

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Nobody is hunting anything down.
РАБОЧИЙ: Was that a fact? Tell me why not, science boy?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Because you don’t have a hunting license. This is our investigation. We will decide how to proceed. You let us handle it.
(ОБРАЩАЯСЬ К КОННОРУ): Not bad, huh? That was case manager material.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Unless, of course, they found that all we have are tranquillizers and duck guns.

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: So we accept these ancient warnings about man-beast guarding the forest?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: If we hited any ancient warning we’d out of job pretty fast, wouldn’t we.

Эпизод 114 Дело "Перевоплощение"

Субъект: …I would trade for one night with her.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: You’re right, Mr. Lindenaur. She’s hot.
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: What a charmer this guy is.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Wetamany or Axon?

Эпизод 115 Дело "Парниковый эффект"

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Where the hell did you get a machete?
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: Graduation gift.

Эпизод 115 Дело "Гудение"

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: What I heard was not a naturally incurring sound.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Let’s call all who claim to hear the buzzing sound experiencers. Psychological assessments indicate that they are being truthful.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Thank you.

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: I always had a good ear.

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН (СЛУШАЕТ МУЗЫКУ): Sorry, it’s better than the other sound. I know you’d probably prefer Kenny G.

Эпизод 116 Дело "Свет"

ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: I just spoke briefly with James Kirkland from Federal Serial Killers Profiling Unit. Rollins spent some time there a couple of years back.
РЕЙ ДОНАХЬЮ: Curtis was FBI?
ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: … They told me he was good.
РЕЙ ДОНАХЬЮ: Getting in the mind of a psycho. It’s a hell of a thing to be good at.

ДЖЕЙМС: How is Curtis?
ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: Looks like he will pull through.
ДЖЕЙМС: How is his wife taking?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: She is doing as well as can be expected.

ДЖЕЙМС: He (Curtis) was one of the best at tapping of the mind of serial killers.

КОННОР ДОЙЛ to Curtis: Than re-familiarized with the case. … You’re behavioral scientist. You have that skill. Use it.

Age: 34
Ht.: 6’11”
Wt.: 195 Lb.
Eyes: Hazel

Эпизод 117 Дело "Тринадцатый этаж"

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Mrs. Vega is an attractive woman when she is not roaring and shooting fireballs at her fingertips.

Эпизод 117 Дело "Верующий"

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН to Shraft: I know your handwriting from all those papers you graded over the years.

ШРАФТ: Don’t you miss it, Peter? You gave up one of the most promising careers in quantum physics I’ve ever seen. Go off… Waste your talents…
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: I’m just trying to answer some harder questions. That’s all.

СВИДЕТЕЛЬ: Leon still talks about you. “The one that got away”. Your quantum chaos paper is required reading for my first year students.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: That’s funny. I think I get C minus at the time.

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: I knew this was a bad idea…
ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: Kinda the exciting… all this sneaking around. I got your message. It’s rather intriguing I must say.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: And you understand why I did it.
ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: I understand that you want to know the truth and that you willing to do anything to get it including going over the head of your case manager. Such passion for the work.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: I know it was a breach of the protocol.
ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: You either brake the rules to get the truth or you follow the rules and see the truth slip away. That’s how you feel?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Did you bring the file?
ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: You have a lot to learn, Peter. The ends don’t always justify the means. You need information, use the proper channels. Try this again, I’ll have you terminated.

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: You wanted to see me.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Why didn’t you come to me?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: What? I wouldn’t understand? I wouldn’t back you up?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: I needed proof. Just like you said.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: It’s good intentions. Bad idea.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: How did you find out?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: The old man turned to strip of you?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Yeah… More or less. I didn’t know what to do. I just wanted access…
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: How did you get it?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Always… always come to me first.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Thanks, Connor.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Peter, please don’t put me in this position again. You can’t be out of loop. I can’t help.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН nods: Understand.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: As far as I’m concerned this never happened.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Thanks, Connor.

Эпизод 119 Дело "Шоколадный солдатик"

КЛЕР ДЭВИСОН: Do you find him attractive (Bruce)?
ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: No… I mean he’s not my type.

Эпизод 120 Дело "Огонь внутри"

ША: Call Elsinger.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Elsinger? He knows about you?
ША: Just call him. He’s privy to black ops. He can help me. You can’t.

КОННОР ДОЙЛ: I have a couple more questions!
ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: Just wrap it up, Connor!
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: How does he know you?
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Martin Shae!
ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: You’re doing a great job here, Connor.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: That’s why we were brought in, isn’t it? We were supposed to legitimize event. Make it look like it was really a spontaneous human combustion. Martin Shae is as much pawn here as we are. Why we’d be kept in the dark?
ФРЕНК ЭЛСИНГЕР: Why don’t you ask him?

Эпизод 121 Дело "Смерть на закате"

РЕЙМОНД: Hello, Peter. You’re looking well.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Thanks, dad. You too.
РЕЙМОНД: It’s been a long time. 8 years maybe… Longer?

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН (О РЕЙМОНДЕ): He’s actually mellowed over the years.

ЛИНДСЕЙ ДОННЕР: I like this place. It has a good feel to it.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Spoken like a true city girl. Fooled by the romance of the sea. There is no jobs, no futures, just rocks.

ЭННИ: Remember how we used to play here after school?
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: It seems like a hundred years ago, doesn’t it?
ЭННИ: We married each other here. Jeff Reny pretended he was Father Sinclair and he married us. Right here on this very rock. Melanie () was my bride’s made.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: I remember.
ЭННИ: You kissed me for the first time, Peter. Right over there. And you told me I was your true love forever. And that one day we’d be married for real. You gave me this… this silly stone. And said: That was our sacred ground, and stones would always protect us.
ЭННИ: And then you were gone. And now so is Jeff, and Melanie, and the others.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: I just… I figured you’d forgotten about me and moved on.
ЭННИ: I had. But I always hoped that somehow you’d come back.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: You sound like my dad… I thought about you, Annie.
ЭННИ: But you didn’t ring. You should come back at a better time.

ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Annie, I’m not gonna let you die!
ЭННИ: It’s so like you, Peter Axon. You’re always making promises you can’t keep.

ЭННИ: You could stay. Figure it out.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: Well, actually I’ve thought about it. I have! And I would.
ЭННИ: Come on! You’ll be still crazy within 2 weeks.
ПИТЕР ЭКСОН: I think you’re right. But I love this place. Really do.

Эпизод 121 Дело "Столкновение"

КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Sometimes I think that what you have is the hardest.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Trying to hold people together after they faced the unconceivable, witnessed horrible things. We can’t always predict how they’re gonna react.
АНТОН ХЕНДРИКС: Thanks, Connor. I just don’t like making wrong choices for my clients.
КОННОР ДОЙЛ: Does the choice always have to be right or wrong?